Reasons to love fall in Twin Cities

This fall is spoiling us with warm and sunny days here in Twin Cities. It would be nice to stay in this golden and sunny season for longer, but why is that best days never last long?  “Save the best for the last”  – these colorful October days are short but bright, mornings are dark, but evenings are longer, so there is more time to read a great book or watch a movie or just spend time with friends and family.  Life seems to slow down – even if just a bit.  And after many glasses of refreshing summer white wines, time for deep comforting reds.
More on my many reasons to love fall in Twin Cities :
Local Farmers Markets


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Untied Farmers Market in Wayzata – small, very friendly, fun, with colorful rows of mums and variety of squashes for roasted vegetable dinner : combine 1 butternut squash, 1 delicate squash, 1 pumpkin, 1 red onion, 5 red skin potatoes, 2 sprigs of rosemary – wash, clean seeds, cut, season with salt and pepper, toss in some olive oil and roast for an hour – hour and a half at 350F.

Marshall’s farmers market. It is a gem in Eden Prairie neighborhood – every season it is artfully decorated, with wide selection of berries, vegetables, jam and frozen meats. It is one of the best Halloween spots to visit.

Running with Twin Cities
From now on – my new fall favorite, Twin Cities Marathon week end. Perhaps one day I will get ready for 26 miles, for now 10 amazing miles got me hooked. Medtronic Twin Cities marathon is considered  one of most beautiful urban marathons in America, going through best Minneapolis views, Lake of the Isles, finishing by Saint Paul Cathedral. Our shorter course passed Guthrie Theater and University of Minnesota grounds onto breathtaking river views from Minnehaha Parkway and then to historic Saint Paul Summit Avenue where every house or mansion is uniquely amazing.
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Leather weather
My favorite dress code is t-shirt, jeans and leather jacket. I switch between black and white all the time. It works with everything, it is a wind breaker, it is soft and light, yet warm enough, it saves me.
reasons to love fallfamily pics (132)

More cozy time
Tea, blanket and great book or a movie. Time to burn some romantic candles and maybe even have a pajama day with favorite shows reruns or feel good movies like “Forrest Gump” ,”Good Year” , “Somethings gotta give”, “Holiday”  or “Matilda” or “Ghostbusters” 🙂 – guaranteed to lift mood on coming colder days.
IMG_8812 cozysocks

(Photos by me, cozy socks are from, and one my favorite family pictures is by Natalia Klimova)