East Iceland’s best bed and breakfast

Where : Silfurberg guesthouse, East Iceland
When : Summer
Why   : Unique, off beaten path, extraordinary hospitality, elegance and charm in a beautiful nature surroundings.

Silfurberg is an amazing bed and breakfast, located in serene East Iceland, surrounded by fjords, magnificent snowcapped mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Just to get there is an adventure. We started our journey with views of beautiful East fjords and then crossed over the mountains, we drove up and went through blocks of what seemed like endless thick fog for couple hours. Our car GPS was confident, we stayed on track and were finally rewarded by majestic views of the valley below us.  We stepped out of the car and inhaled crips air, marveling at waterfalls, mountains, green and quiet “remoteness” around us. Silfurberg guesthouse makes Iceland trip most special, as it combines everything I love about Iceland – wonderful people, surrounding incredible nature, elements of design and history throughout the house, delicious food, stories about the country and Icelandic people shared with owners and guests. I didn’t want to leave.

Views of East fjords on a way to Silfurberg

Greetings… homemade wool slippers and wooly sheep-friends

If I had a jacuzzi in Iceland…

Our most comfortable cozy room (and there were robes and chocolate on pillows and best night sleep)

Many tasteful and elegant design touches, combining modern details, Icelandic art and family history

Best meal we had in Iceland, fresh, locally sourced lamb, vegetables and fish, followed by decadent chocolate cake, perfectly cooked with love in a kitchen next to the family-style dining table. 

My morning run. I will never forget that air – so fresh, crisp and clean it feels intoxicating. 

east Iceland bed and breakfast