Stay young – embrace your age

I saw this wonderful article in Experience Life magazine, it made me think of how true the saying is “that age is just a number”.

“Think beauty fades after 40? These honest, beautiful portraits will make you think again”, article starts. “As these women tell it, aging is not a subtraction, but an accumulation of experiences that make life richer. If that kind of experience shows on our faces, then so much the better”. First image of devoted yogi, model, humanitarian, marathon runner, inspiring woman and mom, Christy Turlington, caught my attention, then reading more about beautifully aging women confirmed my thoughts and beliefs that staying young is not about fighting wrinkles but about staying young at heart, being healthy and strong. It is about discovering new ways to grow and be a better person, better self. Life is beautiful – embrace your age! Don’t you feel most beautiful when you are strong and happy? I always find that open smile and confidence is beautiful regardless of age. Lets look forward to more years of great challenges, fitness and travel inspirations. We age but our years of experience bring us confidence. Read more about In Their Prime, celebrity photographer Peter Freed’s new book on embracing beauty after 35.  And here are some of my favorite images of women over 35, their quotes and beauty secrets.


Christy Turlington, Model and Humanitarian, 46:

“Exercise is the key to holding back the years and maintaining a slim figure – I can’t imagine my life without yoga. It’s more than just a physical practice — it’s about being in the present and learning to accept what you have to reach your full potential”. She believes in using organic skincare ranges, such as Juicy Beauty, Sundari Nourishing Nighttime Oil, Rodin body oil and Rahua Shampoo and Finishing Treatment, and instead of wearing chemical perfumes prefers dabbing essential lavender and rose oils on her pulse points.  


Dara Torress, Olympic swimmer, 47

“When I work out, I feel most like myself and most comfortable in my body and mind,” she says. “I feel motivated to continue to set new goals for myself and go after them and give them my all … Working out and staying in shape is simply how I take care of myself, and when I do this, everything else in my life falls into place. I do watch my diet in the sense that, you know, everything’s in moderation,” she says. “But I don’t like to really to use the word diet, I just really try to eat well and satisfy cravings here and there.”  More...

Scientific research shows that any excersize helps you stay younger, giving your skin elasticity and healthy glow, helping you sleep better and soundly, improves your posture and flexibility. Telomeres that are tops of our chromosomes are shortened with age, which is most attributing factor in aging, but studies found that excersize and especially cardio activity helps lenghten them. Determining how exercise can make your DNA younger and healthier represents a huge new step in understanding how lifestyle play a role in aging -read more at


Sophie Marceau, actress, 47

Perfect skin Sophie Marceau owes much olive oil. Every evening, the actress washing his face with plain soap, and then massaged onto the skin causing the olive oil, leave it to soak into the skin, after removing the excess with a paper towel. Oil nourishes the skin with vitamins and makes it more supple, helps to maintain youthfulness. 

When asked about the main actress secret of its appeal, it is not thinking always says: “Smile.” 

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