Pura Vida Found at Leaves and Lizards Costa Rica

When I woke at 5AM to sounds of birds and cicadas in the middle of rain forest and saw breathtaking view of Arenal Volcano from my hammock, I knew I discovered “pure life” – that’s what Costa Rica “Pura Vida” is all about.  Simple Costa Rica way of life, it’s community, welcoming people, amazing untouched nature, clear rivers and quiant colorful villages got deep into my heart and changed something, I am not sure exactly what. For everyone it’s different. I had this intense feeling of connecting with nature, where every minute brings different chorus of sounds, every breeze changes how birds sing, what butterflies you see, when rain starts and ends… you sense it, you notice these dewy drops on tropical flowers and you can’t help but change.  Real world slips away… One morning at yoga meditation, Sabrina tells me : “Breathe… Imagine the ocean in your throat, it rises and falls down, it washes away your thoughts, just hear the sounds around you and breathe…”  It is easy to imagine that ocean, with Costa Rica amazing beauty of Pacific and Caribbean coasts, country’s cloud and rain forests and their spectacular wildlife. Another morning, Debbie introduced us to horses that we spent day with, riding to a hidden rainforest waterfall. I learned that horses are very sensitive and unique creatures – they understand us, they feel our human strengths and weaknesses. They have ability to heal and connect us to the world. We can let our egos go and let instincts take place. There is energy and connection to every element of the world around you in Costa Rica. You understand that you don’t need much to be happy. It gives you freedom and brings sense of adventure and discovery. It’s my little paradise with heavenly deck and outdoor shower.  With kids morning chores at the farm and ziplining in the Arenal Volcano rain forest.  It is found at Leaves and Lizards retreat in Costa Rica.






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Catarata Llano de Cortez (8)