Happiness Project

Is there a definition of happiness? I am noticing many articles lately about happiness, there are life coaches giving road maps to happiness or minimalists saying what not to buy or where not to escape in search of happiness. And I can agree with all of them yet what defines happiness?
Is it a quiet morning walk with your dog, reading favorite book or a yoga moment, is it your newborn baby’s soft skin and children’s laughter, is it vacation on a sunny island, romantic walk in Paris or redecorating a home. Is it a great career achievement, volunteer work at inspiring event or family gathering.  Tickets to an amazing show or new little black dress?  Is it in great fitness workout edorphins or in a glass of wine with your best friend?
Or are these just joyful moments and happiness is something bigger? Being healthy and well? Is it a certain content state of mind?
My favorite definition comes from the “Happiness project” book by Gretchen Rubin: “To be happy, I need to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, in an atmosphere of growth.” Except, I would add LOVE to that atmosphere she is describing.
One certain thing that happiness is about being present in a moment and appreciating it, things that surround you – big or small: life is beautiful. Happiness is free (even though money spent wisely can buy some too) and it is a personal choice.
We are humans and we are not programmed against bad moods or mistakes. Being positive sometimes looks easier than it is, but life is too short to be obsessed about things that won’t even matter in a week or a year.
Negativity could be a daily struggle, but attitude is our own – it is up to us how to be happy and every day gives as a clean new slate to try and start over.
And some of my happy moments are the ones where I find beauty, where I create and share.
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