Giving thanks and four elements of traditional Mayan Temazcal ceremony

I had a wonderful experience at Temazcal ceremony during my last visit to Riviera Maya in Mexico. Temazcalli, as translated from Aztec language means “house of steam” where through heat, aromatherapy and chanting we can purify and harmonize body and mind. Today, on Thanksgiving day, I keep going back to that special mind body connection experienced at ancient Mexican ritual, reflecting on the past, living holly in the present, celebrating human spirit, life, existence and gratitude.
Traditional temazcal symbolizes place where we can reflect and reconnect with ourselves, Mayans used it to cleanse body and spirit and reach a deep connection with Mother Earth.
Earth is my body
Water is my blood
Wind is my breath
Fire is my spirit
Our group was greeted by Shaman from the local tribe who took us to a round cave where we seated around heated volcanic rocks. Copal, sacred Mayan tree resin, was burned to inhale and detoxify bodies. Then camomile, rosemary and other herbs mixed with water were splashed over heat creating aromatic steam. Shaman was chanting and singing and then invited us to four guided meditations, he told us that we will be giving thanks to four elements, representing four puertas or doors:
First : thankful to beautiful nature, our connection to everything on this planet and being respectful to earth.
Second: thankful to humanity, our spirit, our health, strength given to our bodies.
Third : thankful to ourselves, how we reflect on our own lives and happiness, respect and gratitude and answers for questions inside each one of us.
Fourth: thankful to our family, friends and loved ones,  for love, support and warmth our relationships bring us.
Life is beautiful. Have a safe and happy thanksgiving!